About Us

Guardian Network is a premiere - based organization which offers a complete human resources solution with comprehensive service offerings which include temporary and contract staffing, outsourcing, permanent recruitment and bulk manpower recruitment.

We are Global Group which comprises of seven companies operating within the media, tourism, logistics and specialized HR industries.

We aim to connect people both globally with the talent that they need and the work that they want. To accomplish this, we ensure that we are accessible by our clients and associates at all times. We provide them with a thorough understanding of how we can work with them and the services that we are able to offer. We are a Bangladesh Government approved recruiting agent.

After a huge success in the Malaysia, we have expanded our roots to the Gulf and for the last four years we have been gaining ground due to our hard work, commitment and honesty. We feel we are easily accessible to all our existing and prospective clients. Working with major institutions like University Malaysia Sabah, School of Medicine has given us the cutting edge to fulfill various demanding positions.